Multi Step Form

A custom multi step form made in Webflow.

Variant - A

This form has the following features:

  • Automatically detects all the required inputs in each step.
  • Input validation: it won't let users jump to the next step if all the required fields are not filled, warning to fill them.
  • Auto fit content: As the form uses the Webflow's slider component, the script fits the height of each step's content in any device.
  • Input confirm: Last step shows a list dynamically filled with all the inputs that the user provided.

Variant - B

This variant has the same features as A, but it actually sends two form submissions:

  • When the user completes the first step, so you can collect their data even if they don't finish the entire process.
  • When the user finishes all the steps.

And instead of showing an alert window when a required input is not filled, it displays a Div block with the message.

Starter Form

Check this basic setup of the form with all the necessary elements ready to be cloned and customized.

Made with
by Alex Iglesias. You can clone the project here.

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